The secret to happiness is nailing these 3 life areas


When discussing life fulfilment and happiness, the topic usually gets fluffy and abstract. Not only is life complicated with a thousand moving parts, but many people also believe that, well, a perfect life just isn’t possible. Why bother?

And they’re right. A perfect life doesn’t exist. But a well-balanced, fulfilling life does. So yes, please do bother!

That’s where our 3 key life areas come into play. Trying to tackle every problem that comes up in life is daunting and, honestly, just not realistic. But 3 problems? We believe everyone is capable of that – with the right tools, support, and awareness. Master and balance these 3 critical areas in your life, and you will get to a place that very closely resembles happiness and fulfilment.

#1 Your Health

Over the years, we have seen countless men and women with great careers and top-notch salaries but were miserable because of poor health.

Your health is more than just eating your 5 a day and being fit enough to not be panting when walking up stairs. It’s also about looking great and feeling great. It’s about having confidence and self-love.

A healthy lifestyle will also lead to longevity, so you don’t have to stress or worry about your loved ones who depend on you. And really, that’s more than enough reason to focus on your health.

#2 Your Relationships

It’s natural to crave human interaction and intimate relationships. If someone is struggling with their relationships and can’t seem to light the flame, chances are, they’re pretty down most of the time.

Whether you’re single, “it’s complicated”, or married with kids, there’s always more you can do to be a better friend, partner, or parent. Having truly powerful relationships will not only spark passion but also add meaning to your life.

#3 Your Pursuits

Speaking of passion and meaning, the final critical area is your pursuits in life. We spend most of our time working towards something – climbing the corporate ladder, perfecting your art, becoming an athlete, making a home… If you’re not loving what you do, your life is going to feel a little incomplete.

This is all about doing something that inspires you day in and day out. Finding work or a calling that’s both meaningful and challenging in all the right ways will lead to an enormous sense of passion, happiness, and confidence.

So, how do you master these 3 areas?

Health, relationships and pursuits are like the tumblers on a safe, and it takes just a few clicks in the right direction, along with some support, accountability and care to unlock the door to passion, joy and abundance.

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